2017 Feature Artists

Pole Log's January 2017 Feature Artist Miss Dani

Miss Dani

January 2017

Pole Log's February 2017 Feature Artist Jane


February 2017

Pole Log's March 2017 Feature Artist Faye Fonteyn

Faye Fonteyn

March 2017

Pole Log's April 2017 Feature Artist Gigi


April 2017

Pole Log's May 2017 Feature Artist Jaz


May 2017

Pole Log's June 2017 Feature Artist Jenny


June 2017

Pole Log's July 2017 Feature Artist Phoenix


July 2017

Pole Log's August 2017 Feature Artist Miss Filly

Miss Filly

August 2017

Pole Log's September 2017 Feature Artist Tegan


September 2017

Pole Log's October 2017 Feature Artist Megan B

Megan B

October 2017

Pole Log's November 2017 Feature Artist Tigerlily


November 2017

Pole Log's December 2017 Feature Artist Nina


December 2017

2016 Feature Artists

Pole Log's January 2016 Feature Artist Andrea James Lui

Andrea James Lui

January 2016

Pole Log's February 2016 Feature Artist Kristy Louise

Kristy Louise

February 2016

Pole Log's March 2016 Feature Artist Adam Lin

Adam Lin

March 2016

Pole Log's April 2016 Feature Artist Suzie Q

Suzie Q

April 2016

Pole Log's May Feature Artist Bethany Finlay

Bethany Finlay

May 2016

Pole Log's June Feature Artist Candice Leigh

Candice Leigh

June 2016

Pole Log's July Feature Artist Dylan Luisa

Dylan Luisa

July 2016

Pole Log's September Feature Artist Natty


September 2016

Pole Log's October Feature Artist Maria Cossia

Maria Cossia

October 2016

Pole Log's November Feature Artist Elizabeth Domazet

Elizabeth Domazet

November 2016

Pole Log's December Feature Artist Sammy T & Bebe Sparkle

SammyT & Bebe Sparkle

December 2016

Want to be featured in the next Pole Log?

Who can be a Pole Log Featured artist?
The title of a Pole Log featured artist is open to ANY Australian pole performer, or team of performers (yes, you can be featured with your doubles partner or team!). There are no requirements for the amount of training you have or how many titles you have won. We are excited to feature up-and-coming talent right next to Australian champions.